Tutorial suites dying in fcm_make2

I am running a copy of u-cc519 following the NCAS-CMS UM tutorial (3. Running a UM suite on ARCHER2 — NCAS Unified Model Introduction). It worked a month ago, but when I came back to it today it is dying within fcm_make2. The same thing happens if I start fresh, i.e. copy the same suite from Rosie again.

Here is the output of log/job/1/fcm_make2/NN:

The following have been reloaded with a version change:
  1) cce/11.0.4 => cce/12.0.3

[FAIL] use = /home1/home/n02/n02/ros/cylc-run/u-cc519/share/fcm_make: incorrect value in declaration
[FAIL] config-file=/work/n02/n02/kaight/cylc-run/u-cu654/share/fcm_make/fcm-make2.cfg:6
[FAIL] /home1/home/n02/n02/ros/cylc-run/u-cc519/share/fcm_make/.fcm-make/ctx.gz: cannot retrieve cache
[FAIL] No such file or directory at /mnt/lustre/a2fs-work1/work/y07/shared/umshared/software/fcm-2019.09.0/bin/../lib/FCM/System/Make/Share/Dest.pm line 106, <$handle> line 6.

[FAIL] fcm make -C /work/n02/n02/kaight/cylc-run/u-cu654/share/fcm_make -n 2 -j 32 --ignore-lock # return-code=2
2023-03-29T13:34:58Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

I wonder if something has broken since the Archer2 problems over the last few days?

There is no rush as I’m running other suites now, but I thought you’d want to know for the purposes of the tutorial.

Many thanks,

Hi Kaitlin,

Sorry that’s my fault; it uses my directory as PREBUILD. I was testing something out with a copy of this suite over the weekend and accidently cleared out the wrong directory. I’ll rebuild it now. If you don’t want to wait you can edit the suite.rc file and change the line:

PREBUILD = /home/ros/cylc-run/u-cc519/share/fcm_make



it will do a full build instead.


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Hi Kaitlin,

In case you were waiting for the rebuild. I’ve now rerun the suite so the PREBUILD will work again now.


Thanks Ros! I’ve moved onto full UKESM suites now but it’s good to know the tutorial suites are working for other users.