Updating output profile while JULES is running

Hi everybody,

I am running a long model; although I added the variables I needed to one of the output profiles, I realised late that the model would only output the first profile. So, I added my variables to the first profile, but the model has been running since Saturday, and I wanted to update it instead of running the model again (the model run for more than one week); I tried stopping it and reloading (cylc reload suite_name), but because it was stopped, it presented a warning message saying the model was not running, so I restart the model. Then I used “hold” in the GUI and also in the terminal as follows:

[eempvg@cylc1 ~]$ cylc hold u-dg637
[1]- Done cylc gui u-dg637
[3]+ Done cylc reload u-dg637
[eempvg@cylc1 ~]$ cylc reload u-dg637&
[1] 19488
[eempvg@cylc1 ~]$ cylc unhold u-dg637
[1]+ Done cylc reload u-dg637

But the new outputs don’t have the variables, I need that variable only for the last years of the model. I know that if I update the profile I won’t have that output for the years that already run. Does anyone know if I can update the output profile without killing my model? how?

Hi Maria:
I have never used the cylc commands. I use the rose commands instead. Maybe they are equivalent. For example, for the reload, I usually do rose suite-run --reload.

But I think in your case, the reload only takes effect if either:

  1. the app is killed in the cylc GUI and retriggered, or
  2. the app is already submitted and not yet running, or
  3. the app hasn’t been submitted yet, because other apps in the workflow need to run first.

I’m not 100% sure that your app falls in one of these 3 categories. But maybe it does, if you have a yearly cycle in your workflow. The reload won’t affect currently running apps.

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Thank you Patrick. I believe that the 2 or 3 cases may apply; the model runs by bins of years, so perhaps for the next bunch of years, it will work; that has been my logic with the last attempts. I reloaded as you said but didn’t stop or hold the run. I will let you know if years after 1885 have the updated output variables. Let me know if you see that I missed something.

Best wishes,
Maria Paula

Hi Patrick, good news, it works! :tada:.
Thank you so much for your help.

Maria Paula

Hi Maria Paula:
That’s great news that the rose suite-run --reload works!
I wonder what the difference is to cylc reload?

If I remember correctly rose suite-run --reload loads changes to the rose configuration files as well as the cylc config files. cylc reload only reloads changes made to cylc config files.

If a suite is a Rose suite then you should always use rose suite-run --reload.

If the suite is a pure Cylc suite then you’d use cylc reload instead.


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Everything makes more sense. Thank you for making it clearer, Ros :slight_smile:

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