Access to Acclimation run data from ARCHER2 AMIP runs

Hi Patrick,
thanks for looking. Just wondering if the soil moisture availability factor is there as a grid box mean at all, it might not have been saved for PFTs but maybe as a grid box mean? Do you not think t_growth_gb was saved as output, it’s only in the dump files? The value in the dump file would be the value at the end of the dump period, not the monthly mean value, is that right?



Hi Becky:
I don’t see any reference to a grid box mean of something like an FSMC_GB by looking for strings ‘AVAIL’ or ‘SOIL M’ in the STASH file. There is only the PFT version, not the GB average over PFTs.

I haven’t been able to find t_growth_gb in the output files. I have only found it in the dump files. That’s not to say that it’s not there. Just that I haven’t found it, and I am unsure if the suite was set up right to store it to the output files.

Yes, the value of t_growth_gb would be the value at the end of the monthly dump period. This would differ from the average for the month. But since t_growth_gb is computed with a running average over a month, the dumped values might still be of some use, somehow.


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