Access to ARCHER2 for old ARCHER user

Dear CMS-support,

After a very long time away I’m hoping to get access to ARCHER again, partly because I’m trying to track down some old pp file utilities that used to exist and I can’t find them on MONSooN (though I realise that they are probably extinct). I’ve followed the instructions to sign up on the ARCHER2 SAFE website and am trying to request a new login account. I tried putting in my old ARCHER username which I think was lrslg but am told that the username is either invalid or already taken. I’m now wondering whether should be trying to set up as a new user or somehow do a very very late transfer from ARCHER. Can you help please?

Hi Sue

ARCHER2 keep user names forever, and don’t allow their reuse! - please just choose a new name. I’ll be very surprised if any old pp file utilities survived the various ARCHER2 phases.