An error from the ‘recon’ task

Hi, My suite (u-cj841; UM vn10.7, NEMO vn3.6) does’t work at the ‘recon’ task. Here, I tried to read several ancil files that I created. The error message says

Unloading /usr/local/share/epcc-module/epcc-module-loader

[FAIL] namelist:items(1)=ancilfilename: UM_ANCIL_SMOW_DIR: unbound variable
[FAIL] source: namelist:items ( : )

I checked the ancil files, and the data are ok. Some suites run using the same files and setting on NEXCS.

How do I fix the error? Do you have any suggestion?

Many thanks

Hi again,

I restart the suite, and it works now :sweat_smile: