An error from the 'install_ancil' task

Hi, My suite (u-cj841; UM vn10.7, NEMO vn3.6) works ok using the original ancils from “$UMDIR”. But, the same suite does not run with the same ancils from my home directory, and I got the following error at the “install_ancil” task.

Unloading /usr/local/share/epcc-module/epcc-module-loader

[FAIL] file:/work/n02/n02/kizumi/cylc-run/u-cj841/share/data/etc/nemo_ancils_gl=source=/home/n02/n02/kizumi/ancils/GC3.1_eORCA1v2.2x_nemo_ancils_CMIP6_orig: bad or missing value
Received signal ERR

How do I fix the error? Do you have any suggestion?

Many thanks

The compute nodes can not see /home - try moving your ancils to /work


Hi Grenville,

Thank you for your suggestion. It works with the ancils from /work !


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