Ancillaries files for nudging the UKESM1-AMIP suite

Dear CMS,

I am trying to convert the UKESM1-AMIP Vn11.1 free-running suite to a nudged one. It is a copy of u-be303, further developed for adding organic + inorganic Iodine emissions along with wet and dry deposition fluxes.

I am unable to find/locate the ancillaries files required to nudge the suite (u-cv133) on ARCHER2. Can you please point me to where I can get the ancillaries files (e.g. SO2, CH4_biomass) for the Gregorian Calendar? I hope the current sea ice and sst is Okay for the nudged run, if not please point the seaice_amip_n96e.anc and sst_amip_n96e.anc.

Regards, Alok