Archer2 IOServer crashes suite [Unable to find specified unit ( 11) in list (portio) ]

I have tried to configure this suite: u-ct529 with IOServers.
I modified the site config file (ala kscale technique) and was able to see 8 servers start with last 8 of MPI tasks (120-127).

Unfortunately it very quickly fails as indicated by portio. which I think is ATMOSCNTL.
(I think you should be able to see it as sticky-bit is modding permissions)
I modified the suite to run the 1st level nest of terramaris for 3hours simtime.

many thanks for any advice,

Having looked at the pe0 outptut I see the FILE_MANAGER assigns unit 11 as and when it needs. so the last assignemtn before cras is:

there is a file:
but no other pattern matched.
Still unclear,