Problem with ancillary file


I’m trying to run u-cu454 (my copy of u-by395/archer2_um12p0) after successfully running it during Intro to UM. All I’ve changed is the location of the nested domain (to over the tropical ocean), and the science configuration from RAL2M to RALT. The suite fails due to an ancillary file: ANCIL_ANTS_VEGFRAC. From job.out:

"The following have been reloaded with a version change:

  1. cce/11.0.4 => cce/12.0.3

cp: ‘/work/n02/n02/arm33/cylc-run/u-cu454/share/data/ancils/Regn1/resn_1/qrparm.mask’ and ‘/work/n02/n02/arm33/cylc-run/u-cu454/share/data/ancils/Regn1/resn_1/qrparm.mask_cci’ are the same file
2023-03-02T15:06:26Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT"

Is the problem to do with the version change? Or that my nested region is ocean?

Thanks very much,

I will leave the experts to give the proper solution to this, but I sometimes get a similar error for sulphurDMS ancil when I only run over land. On monsoon, I can have the cylc GUI open and see when that ancil fails. I can then right-click that row of the GUI and manually set the status to “succeeded”, the run will then proceed. Is there a similar GUI on ARCHER when you run the model?

As I say, this is a rough fix. There’s probably something more sensible. I’d be interested to know what it is.

Hi Anna

I copied u-cu454 and ran it with MAKE_ANCILS_ONLY=true – it ran successfully (see/home/n02/n02/grenvill/cylc-run/u-cu454/share/data/ancils/Regn1/resn_1) - perhaps try re-running from scratch.


Thanks Grenville and Declan!