Archer2 storage space and MetUM running requirements for PolarRES

Yet another config question I’m afraid. I’m still working on producing my own ancillaries from high—resolution orography data for the Arctic and Antarctic but more work to do before I can get them into ancil format. In the meantime, I’ve tried to run Andrew’s Antarctic CORDEX simulations for December 2000 using the ancillaries , SST, SIC and forcing data that he already has, but keep stumbling up against ‘file not found’ errors. It first happened during the make ancils steps, which I was able to overcome because I have the ancils produced by Andrew’s previous simulations. However, I’m now getting the same error in the glm recon step, specifically “Failed to open file /work/n02/n02/shakka/cylc-run/u-co137/share/cycle/20001201T0000Z/glm/ics/glm_atmanl”. I’ve verified that the file is definitely there on archer – it’s almost like my account on pumatest isn’t able to ‘see’ the file system on archer – can you think of any reasons for this?

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In /work/n02/n02/shakka/cylc-run/u-co137/log/job/20001201T0000Z/Antarctic_CORDEX_0p11deg_ancil_orog/01/job.out
There is a message about a missing file.
Your file doesn’t really exist as a file: it’s a link. Specifically, it’s a link to qrparm.mask_igbp , which is itself a link to
and this is in the /home directory, so can’t be seen from the compute nodes.

It needs to be on /work , so perhaps you should make a directory on /work and put your files here?

Hi Dave, the symlink was me, but I hadn’t remembered that the compute nodes can’t see /home ! A rookie mistake. I’ll change that now.