Archive Log and pe_output Files

Hi Helpdesk,

I have a couple of questions about log files for the UM. I’m running a job that’s currently 30 years into what should be about a 200-300 year run of u-dd727. The job is cycling every 3 months. I want to examine the logging output from the model but there are a couple of problems.

First, the log files for previous cycles are deleted after the model advances to the next cycle. Is there a way to preserve the log files? Or archive them with each cycle?

Secondly, the standard log output (job.out/job.err) files seems to be lacking in information compared with the pe_output log in the cylc-run/work folder. Is there a way to archive pe_output logs as well?

For reference, I have ATMOS_KEEP_MPP_STOUT = true and PRINT_STATUS is set to “Normal informative messages and warnings”

Thanks for your help,


The log files are tar’d & zipped on puma2 in /home/n02/n02/ajw1g19/cylc-run/u-dd727/log.

To get full output in the job.out file, try adding ATMOS_PE0_TO_STDOUT=true to
/home/n02/n02/ajw1g19/roses/u-dd727/app/um/rose-app.conf under the [env] section.