Best place to store large ancil files?


I am trying to transfer n2560 ancils over from jasmin to archer to use with my MetUM simulations. However, I’ve run into ‘disk quota exceeded’ errors in my /work directory.

2 questions for you:

  1. could I have a larger quota please? The total size of the n2560 directory is 445 GB on jasmin.

  2. Where is the best place to store these long-term? I will need to be able to point to them in a place that is visible to the compute nodes - so presumably that has to be on /work?



Increased your /work quota to 2TB.

We are reluctant to put files centrally unless they come from an equivalent place on Monsoon for example, and/or come with an explanation and provenance, and are for use by a large part of the user base. Otherwise the central store becomes unmanageable.

It feels like you should keep these files in your /work space.


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Hi Grenville, thanks for the quota increase. Makes total sense about the central storage. E