Command not found: nccmp

Just asking for the state of this query, I need to run rose stem test and the problem persist on not finding the nccmp command to compare files.

best regards

I’m not sure I follow. The command available in jaspy

module load jaspy
which nccmp

Are you suggesting that you can’t load jaspy on LOTUS?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for you quick answer.
In the rose stem test is where occurs the problem.
If I load the module on the command line works fine and the nccmp command works, but when doing the rose stem test inluding the module load jaspy, it complains of not findinf the nccmp command.

Any suggestions?

I don’t really know where you’re working or how your loading the module, but what I would do is in:


env-script = “module load jasmin-sci”

I would change env-script to be “module load jaspy”

I would also run one of the jobs by hand, or at least check that the correct module is being loaded somewhere (you can add it to the pre script if this fails)

If you can’t get it to work then put the location of your working directory here and I’ll try to fix it in the afternoon. I think that loading jaspy should work, so hopefully that’s the first thing to try