Connecting to

I’ve set up my new account on puma2 and rsynced over a bunch of files. Eventually, I’d like to run HadCM3 for which I will need to transfer files from puma2 to I suspect I need to ask the eddie team to allow connections from puma2/archer2. Is there anything needed from the puma2 end to allow connections to


Hi SImon

puma2 lives under the UoE network, so access to/from eddie should be problem free.


Well right now it just hangs. If I go from archer2 it also just hangs! I’ll ask our local team. Hopefully, they can fix it!

Hi Simon,

You may need to have eddie explicitly allow connections from the puma2 IP address ( Although puma2 is in the University of Edinburgh IP range, it is resides inside a different firewall.


Thanks Annette. I will tell them that!