Failed to ssh archer2 from puma2


Following the UM Introduction practicals, I have set up the environments for both PUMA2 and ARCHER2. It should work since I end up with the correct outcome as shown here (

As I tried to run the UM training suite (u-cc519) in PUMA2, I met the problem as shown in the screenshot.

It seems to be related to the failed connection/file transfer from PUM2 to ARCHER2 since I do not find any related folders in my ARCHER2 account (both home and work).

I tried to reset my environment several times but which cannot solve the problem.

Could you help me with this? Thank you in advance.


Hi Xu,

You have an empty ~/.bash_profile on ARCHER2 which I think is causing the problem. Please remove this and try again - it should then source the ~/.profile which sets up the UM environment.


BRILLIANT! It works!

Thank you, Ros