Copy an experiment folder from PUMA to PUMA2

I have the UMUI running on PUMA2 and I see that my UM experiments have been copied over. In the last week I created an experiment on PUMA1 (experiment tfmb) which must have been after the synchronisation of PUMA->PUMA2.
How do I go about getting this experiment folder onto PUMA2. I don’t mind if it has a new experiment ID, I just need the jobs within tfmb copied over to an experiment on PUMA2.
Kind regards

Hi Stephen,

The UMUI database was copied over from pumanew last night at 5pm after having turned off the UMUI over there. The database on PUMA2 was then reloaded this morning.

The UMUI on PUMA2 is showing the same job ids for expt tfmb as on pumanew. Jobs last edited by you on Oct 15.


Thats great!. Thank you

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