UMUI version on pumatest

Hi guys,

It seems like the UMUI on pumatest is not the same version that it was on puma. At least, Charlotte and I can’t run FAMOUS jobs on archer2 that have been processed on pumatest (some non-standard environment variables are missing from SUBMIT), and the “Job Submission” panel has lost the slurm option it used to have.

Could you advise/upgrade the UMUI please? Thanks!


Hi Robin,

Sorry I didn’t resync all the UMUI directory yet. Is that vn4.5.3?


yes, but it has some panel options that Simon’s only put on fairly recently - I don’t know how UMUI version control/numbering works

I’ve just copied over the vn4.5.3 umui directory from PUMA backup so it should have everything again now.


thanks! Looks better to me now