Puma Trac repository question

Hello there,

As part of my Met Office role, I’ve been asked to see if it’s possible to upgrade some science from a while ago which hasn’t been committed to the UM trunk. It existed as a branch at a version of the UM (vn8.4) prior to the science repository service (code.metoffice.gov.uk) being set up and so was on the PUMA trac repository: puma.nerc.ac.uk . I can’t seem to see the repository at the moment and I’m presuming that you’ve either moved or deleted it, possibly due to the IT security upgrades you had to do a couple of years ago.

If the trac repository is still there, is it possible for me to be restored access; I’m not sure if I do have access or not at the moment. If it’s been deleted then we can look for alternative ways to generate the same scientific code – I think there may be a tar ball of the code existing somewhere!

I don’t actually need to be able to run things through ARCHER2, I actually simply just need to be able to view the code + code changes made so that I can copy/paste and create a more modern version for an up-to-date UM configuration. I can then run my jobs on Met Office HPCs.

Best Wishes,


Dr Jonathan Wilkinson | Senior Microphysics Parametrization Research Scientist

Hi Jonathan,

We do still have the vn8.4 UM subversion repository on pumanew but we don’t have the Trac system access to it.

I can either export the branch for you if you let me know which one it is or we can give you a PUMA account and you can then access the code repository from the command line yourself.

If you’d like a PUMA account. Please let us have the following details and we’ll get you set up.

  • Full Name
  • Your Institution
  • Email Address (Must be .ac.uk or .metoffice.gov.uk)
  • Preferred PUMA user id
  • Confirm that you accept the terms of usage.


Hi Ros,

Many thanks for looking into this – it’s really useful and good to understand that the Trac repository isn’t available but the code is still there.

Although I’ve had an account on PUMA in the past, I’ve never really made use of it as all the computational resource I need is within the Met Office. It’s mainly been used for collaboration and viewing other people’s code, although I’ve not had to do this for such a long time as we have managed to upgrade most of the code we use to the Met Office SRS. Therefore, this is probably an isolated request and I’m wondering if it’s better that you extract the branch for me, rather than set up an account, which will probably lay dormant (I know our IT security people really don’t like this and I think the same risks could probably apply to PUMA).

The branch I have been given to resurrect is:


(I’ve removed the hyperlink as it obviously doesn’t point to anything). If you are able to have a look and see if you can extract it for me, then that could be great.

You may wish to check if I still have an active account on PUMA. I’m guessing I don’t, but if one still exists and it’s registered to me, then I’m happy for you to delete it as I doubt I will use it again.

Hi Jonathan,

I checked and you don’t have an active account on PUMA anymore.

I have exported the branch for you and put it in my MO dir under /home/h05/rhatcher/for_frjw.
There are a couple of versions which, hopefully, will make it easier for you to see what changes were made along with the fcm log output. I’ve put a README in the directory so hopefully all is explanatory.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Hi Ros,

Thanks for this – I’ve copied the /home/h05/rhatcher/for_frjw directory over to my own home space and it all seems logical at the moment, but I’ll get in touch if I have any questions. I can see a backed-up copy of the directory now in the Met Office’s .snapshot system, so you should be safe to delete it from your home space when you’re ready.