Cross referencing

We don’t have #1234 – what is the best way to reference a message? The whole URL??

So you can’t pick a name for your thread which has already been used… posters will have to be more creative
I guess that this is frustrating but potentially good in that it demands exacting titles??

Hmmm - I thought I hadn’t enabled that feature. I’ll go and investigate…

Yes that bit’s not as good.

There’s a bit here about it: Link to existing topic

I’ve switched off the need of unique titles unless folks have objections.

Is there benefit to leaving it in place? Maybe people more likely to realise they have a problem for which there is already a solution?

That is a possibility - definitely one to consider. Not sure how many would make that connection… :thinking:

Testing link to other post:
UKESM1 failing to restart

Not as easy as Trac but not too onerous: click insert link → search for post and select it.

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