NCAS CMS Modelling Weblinks

Not sure where to report broken web links so posting here:

On the web page High Resolution Climate Modelling there is a web link to the HRCM website which appears to be broken - is this for NCAS or CEDA?

Hi Andrew,

If you can tell me where the HRCM website now resides I’m happy to update the link to it on the CMS website. It used to be at I have no idea whether it’s just broken or moved elsewhere - it’s not managed by CMS.


Hi Rosalyn,

I have now received a response from CEDA,

"The site has been moved recently, which may be the reason for the issue you are seeing. If I go to the site now I can see some text content at the top level, but images are not displaying and the links don’t work. Is that the issue that you see as well? "

They will contact the site maintainer, who I suspect is away on annual leave at present.

I’ll await a further response from CEDA. I’ll provide an update in due course. In the meantime, you can mark this report as closed.



CEDA has reported that the weblinks for the HRCM website need to be updated/fixed. However, this will have to wait until the site maintainer is available to implement the corrections, as it is unlikely they will have access permissions.

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