Error in um_make2_um

Hello again!

I am getting an error in um_make2_um in suites u-cm497 and u-cm498.

The following have been reloaded with a version change:

  1. cce/11.0.4 => cce/12.0.3

[FAIL] /work/n02/n02/ha392/cylc-run/u-cm498/share/fcm_make_um/fcm-make2.lock: lock exists at the destination

[FAIL] fcm make -C /work/n02/n02/ha392/cylc-run/u-cm498/share/fcm_make_um -n 2 -j 6 # return-code=2
2022-03-16T15:36:16Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

My guess it is to do with me changing the resolution from a suite that worked fine (u-cl555 and ucl556).
Any advice on what I need to change would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Holly,

fcm_make lock files are created to prevent a compile running over the top of another occurence that is already running. They are also often left behind when an fcm_make either fails or is killed part way through. Just remove the lock file and then resubmit.