Errors in archiving


I’m getting some new errors in the archiving app of my suites (e.g. u-cy223, u-da702, u-da703) that I can’t get to the bottom of.

[FAIL] no such table: targets
2023-11-13T12:42:35Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

I have double-checked that the files it is trying to archive are present (they are). I have also re-added my jasmin ssh keys on each login node. Neither of those have helped.

Nothing has changed in my setup and the archiving was working seamlessly over the weekend, so I’m slightly confused about where this error is coming from. Have you got any ideas? The .err and .out files are pretty unhelpful.


Plot twist: the archiving is failing in only some of my suites (u-cy223, u-da703, u-da705). Also sometimes the Arctic archiving works (archive_files_Arctic) but not the Antarctic, sometimes both fail with the same helpful error. I’m very bemused. Nothing obvious from comparing the job.out files in the tasks that fail vs the ones that succeed either.

Any help much appreciated!

Update: I manually transferred and re-named the files in question and let the suite move on, and (fingers crossed) haven’t experienced this problem again. Hoping it was a fluke.

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