Failing mod that was added in um training


I’m running Ros’ um training. Going well so far. I got to up to testing that the branch works

However, I think the mod I added is cauing some problems. job.err says

[FAIL] UM_TRAINING_MOD.mod: bad or missing dependency (type=1.include)
[FAIL] required by: um_shell_mod.o
[FAIL] required by: UM_SHELL_MOD.mod
[FAIL] required by: um_main.o
[FAIL] required by: um-atmos.exe

The example mod was not available at ~um/um-training/um_training_mod.F90 so I modified ~um/um-training/um_shell_sub.F90 instead, renaming things to um_training_mod and um_training_sub as described in the training webpage.

I haven’t made a module from scratch before, so I guess I’ve made an error but I’m not sure what it would be.

Any thoughts?

I fixed this.

I had used a umPrint statement incorrectly.

CALL umPrint(’ This is subroutine UM_TRAINING_SUB’,src=‘um_training_sub’)


CALL umPrint(’ This is subroutine UM_TRAINING_SUB’,src=‘um_training_mod’)

I didn’t know what the src option referred to, but I’m guessing it is the module, or the filename under src directory.

With this change the modifications successfully ran.

thanks Ros,

I’ve fixed this now.

I incorrectly used the src option in umPrint. I’m still not sure what it exactly refers to, though I can guess. Is there a man/help page on the function?

Kind regards,