Failing with no clue

I’m trying to run my suite u-cn211 but it fails like this;

I don’t get any clue for this failure in job.err, job.out or pe_out… I think something like this usually happens when quota is exceeded. So I deleted a couple of TB, but the error persists. Please can you check this before the Easter holidays?

Thank you.

/home/d03/myosh/cylc-run/u-ck605/share/data/ancils/Regn1/IberiaSea: No such file or directory

actually in an attempt to reduce the data on the disk, I seem to have deleted the directory that contained the regional ancillary files used in this suite… That’s at least one of the problems.

Hi Masaru,

Did you manage to fix this?


Oh, yes. Thank you, Ros.

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