Ancillary suite failure


Very sorry to bother you, but I am now having trouble with another suite - yet again, this worked last time I tried to run it, so clearly something has changed with the infrastructure/submission or similar?

It is an ancillary suite, designed to create all necessary ancillary files based on a new land-sea mask that I have given it. It is u-dh579, and is running on Monsoon2.

I am getting all sorts of failures, but the first appears to be:

/bin/sh: AncilScr_RoseTop: command not found
[FAIL] AncilScr_RoseTop # return-code=127
2024-07-03T15:00:02Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

with the rest of the failures being “submit-failed”.

Please can you advise?

Thank you very much,