Gcylc on PUMA2

I wondered if I need to do something to get gcylc to work on PUMA2? When I start a new suite, the cylc GUI appears, so it’s working on PUMA2, but if the window disappears sometime later (due to ssh timeout etc), and I type gcylc “suitename”, the result is

bash: gcylc: command not found…

Thanks very much for your help.
Best wishes,

You can type:
cylc gscan

If you want the original command, I suppose you could include alias gcylc='cylc gscan' in your bash_profile

I didn’t know of gscan; perhaps others had it though??

Thanks so much, that’s perfect!

You can also

cylc gui <suite-id>


cd ~roses/<suite-id>
rose sgc

We’ll look into putting gcylc back into the path. Thanks for reporting it.