Running HadGEM3-GC3.1-LL from Puma

Dear NCAS CMS Helpdesk,

I am trying to run my first job on ARCHER2 from PUMA. My suite is u-ck049 - this is a copy of u-as037 (which I believe can be used for an experiment like CMIP6 piControl, but is modified to run on ARCHER2). I have made minor modifications to the suite and also have changed the runtime from 500 years to 1 month.

However when I try to run u-ck049, I get the following error in fcm_make_ocean: 'No such file or directory: ‘/export/puma/data-01/training//fcm_make_ocean’. I think this is because I originally set up my account for the UM training course, and my ‘.profile’ file includes the line: ‘export SCRATCH=/export/puma/data-01/training/$USER’.

Is there something I can change in the ‘.profile’ file so that I can run suites on ARCHER2 from PUMA? Or do I need to set up an entirely new login account?

Many thanks.

Best wishes,


Hi Rachel,

Are you trying to run on the full 23cabinet system? If so we haven’t yet updated this suite to run on the full system - it’s on my to-do list for this week.

Andy has just created you a SCRATCH directory on PUMA at: /export/puma/data-01/radiam24. Please update the path in your ~/.profile.


Hi Ros,

Thanks so much, I’ve done that. No, I’ve been trying to run on the 4-cabinet system, should this work?

The suite now starts running but fails at the ‘coupled’ task; processors 0 to 5 all return an error related to the IO server. I’m confused by this as I haven’t changed any IO server settings from u-as037; the only change I’ve made is removing the ‘validate_suite_info’ task as in Could you please let me know what to do about this, or suggest a different suite I could use to simulate the PI using HadGEM3-GC3.1-LL on ARCHER2? Many thanks.

The errors returned look like:

Error code: 99
? Error from routine: IOS_INIT:IOS_RUN
? Error message: IO Server is not active
? Error from processor: 3
? Error number: 0

[47] exceptions: An non-exception application exit occured.
[47] exceptions: whilst in a serial region
[47] exceptions: Task had pid=33264 on host nid001007
[47] exceptions: Program is “/lus/cls01095/work/n02/n02//cylc-run/u-ck049/work/18500101T0000Z/coupled/./atmos.exe”
Warning in umPrintMgr: umPrintExceptionHandler : Handler Invoked

Hi Rachel

Please try setting

ios_num_threads = 2


Hi Grenville,

Thanks for the suggestion, ios_num_threads was originally a latent variable so I added it, set it to 2 as you suggested, and ran the suite again.
However I am still getting the same error, is there anything else I could change?

Best wishes,