High Priority Q

Does Archer2 have a high priority Q where you can spend more resource to q less?
If so, what is it called, and what would I need to change in my suite to use it?


You would need to talk to ARCHER about reservations, but they say that they want a particular reason usually. You can read this: Running jobs - ARCHER2 User Documentation

(It’s 1.5x the usual cost)

Thanks. And how would I change my suite to use that (assuming it was granted)?
The doc says I need to add --reservation=<reservation ID> and --qos=reservation to my submission cmd.


Yeah - the reservations section of that page should talk you through it.

You should bare in mind that we’re getting near xmas, so they may not be fully staffed, and you are supposed to have a particular reason for one. If you don’t get one, a suite should make plenty of progress over the holiday as you’re relaxing :slight_smile:

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