I successfully updated the RJ4.0 GA4 UM-UKCA for GLOMAP v8.1 & ACTIVATE but n02 & accounts have negative CUs

Hi Grenville/Ros

Hope things are all good with you – and happy new year!

In Dec 2021 I successfully ported the CheST+GLOMAP “GA4 RJ4.0”, “strat-trop UKCA v1” and “strat-trop UKCA v2”
model configurations to the “full ARCHER-2 system” (see model runs xpdb-d, xpdb-g and xpdb-t)

That run xpdb-t is a transient single-call free-running 1990s simulation, with the same “GLOMAP v8.1” codebase
as in the Yoshioka et al. (2019) JAMES paper.

But in Dec I didn’t quite manage to complete the upgrade to the standard “strat-trop UKCA v3” (GLOMAP v8.2) system
that we applied for the range of simulations in Lauren Marshall’s PhD at Leeds (Marshall et al., 2019), that same model
also applied for the SMURPHS volcanic forcings (Dhomse et al., 2020; Dhomse et al., 2021) and for the pre-industrial setting
VolMIP-Tambora integrations (Marshall et al., 2018; Clyne et al., 2021)

With the Hunga-Tonga event generating a volcanic aerosol cloud up to 40km, the most explosive for very many years,
I’ve just today been getting back to finish off that upgrade to strat-trop v3, and repeat some reference Pinatubo aerosol
simulations we did with strat-trop v2, to have the model back up and running again.

I’ve this evening set up an “on-off pair” of 10Tg@21-23km Pinatubo simulations – xpdb-p and xpdb-q.

But then when I go to submit the job I’m getting an error message:

sbatch: error: AssocMaxCpuMinutesPerJobLimit
sbatch: error: Batch job submission failed: Job violates accounting/QOS policy (job submit limit, user’s size and/or time limits)

Initially I thought I had set the long-job ARCHER-2 resource limits incorrectly, but when I checked on ARCHER2-SAFE,
I see that the n02 and n02-ncas accounts both has negative resources (-798.2 CUs and -1,250.9 CUs respectively).

I’m not sure if this is just a temporary glitch that can be remedied easily?
Or whether NCAS UKESM users are charging to other n02 accounts re: the LTS-Ms/LTS-S’s that have positive resources?

For the porting of the model I did in December, this was during the initial “ARCHER-2 full” period where they didn’t
charge any accounts for model runs.

And perhaps NCAS users have been using different ARCHER-2 accounts for a while? (e.g. re: the LTS-M’s/LTS-S’s)?
Myself and Sandip are contributing to the 1-year extension to ACSIS (1st Apr 2021 to 31st Mar 2022), and am a member of the
JASMIN group workspace for ACSIS – and at one time John Robson or Alex resolved to add us to the ARCHER ACSIS-n02 account.

But in the end we did the VolMIP simulations on MONSOON, and never got added to the ARCHER ACSIS-n02 account.

Please can you reply what account I can charge for these simulations aligned to our research in ACSIS?

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** Dr. Graham Mann, Lecturer in Atmospheric Science **
** Institute for Climate & Atmospheric Science T: +44 0113 3431660 **
** Room 10.108, School of Earth & Environment F: +44 0113 3435259 **
** University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, U.K. E: G.W.Mann@leeds.ac.uk **


n02-ACSIS exists - I’ll add you, who else?


Hi Grenville,

That’s great, thanks a lot.

Please can you also add Sandip Dhomse (currently 0.3FTE funded by the ACSIS 12-month extension) and Wuhu Feng (contributed to ACSIS in 2019-2020 from his core NCAS time).

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Graham, all added

Great, thanks a lot Grenville.