GA4 UM-UKCA job on ARCHER2 from PUMA2 -- UMUI submit error from PUMA2 to ARCHER2

Dear NCAS-CMS team,

I’m getting an error message when I click to submit the GA4 UM-UKCA job from the UMUI on PUMA2 to ARCHER2.

The job I’m submitting is xpsq-u, and I’ve copied over to PUMA2 all the UKCA hand-edits and user STASHmaster files etc. that were copied over from the old PUMA (pumanew) to ARCHER2 at:


I’ve done all the set-up steps for PUMA2, following the instructions at the NCAS-CMS page:

But I’m guessing maybe there needs also to be an adjustment to the “machine bindings” file and/or one of the hand-edits not sure how to configure the ARCHER2 GA4 UM-UKCA UMUI job to submit from PUMA2.

When submitting from the UMUI, it’s giving the following error message:

ERROR: can't use non-numeric string as operand of "!" while attempting to access account gmann on host Note that repeated failures may result in  expiry of password due to security procedures on some  machines. Check user id, hostname and password  for your account on the host machine.
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Please can you help get back up-and-running with the GA4 UM-UKCA job on ARCHER2 from PUMA2?


Dr. Graham Mann
Lecturer in Atmospheric Science
School of Earth & Environment
University of Leeds

Just to update to this post (in case others referring to this).

From reply to another post it was clarified that the submit from UMUI doesn’t work any more (from PUMA2).
Instead you have to just do the process from the UMUI, and then submit the job from the command-line.
(The submission via the command-line is done via the UMSUBMIT_ARCHER2 script)

There’s also 1 update to the UMUI job needed to submit from PUMA2 (compared to submit from pumanew).
→ you have to change the host-name to “ln01” instead of “”)

I copied xpsq-u to xpsq-v, adding-in these changes to my xpsq-v following Grenvill’s copy of the test job xpsk-b
→ updated revision number for container-file (22831 → 22852)
→ updated revision number for vn8.4_ncas branch (22838 → 22852)
→ change to 1 OMP thread and PE-decomp 16x16 rather than 2 OMP threads and 8x24
→ Reconfig to 4x6 instead of 8x28

From submitting via the command-line UMSUBMIT_ARCHER2 script, that then compiled OK.

The reconfiguration compile & run both also completed successfully.
And the actual run-job for the model executable is in the queue as a 2-node job.