Id_rsa_archerum still not installed on ARCHER2

I am going through the self-study instructions to configure my environments on PUMA and ARCHER2. I have reached the point where I generated my id_rsa_archerum SSH key which should be automatically detected and sent to ARCHER2: Getting Set Up (Self-Study Instructions) — NCAS Unified Model Introduction

Apparently I should receive a confirmation email within 48 hours once this has happened. However, it has been more than 48 hours and I haven’t heard anything. I tried ssh-ing from PUMA to ARCHER2 and I got the message “Permission denied (publickey)”, rather than the “PTY allocation request failed” message suggested by the self-study instructions. So, I think it’s a case of the key not being detected/installed yet, rather than a case of no confirmation email.

No worries if it is going to take longer than 48 hours, I just wanted to make sure there was no error which would otherwise hold me up until it’s resolved.

Many thanks,