INBOUNDA: Insufficient space for Lookup Table

The regional model (NAtl_hilat_km2p5_ra3_p3_casim_ukca_um_fcst_000) of my UM vn12.0 nesting suite u-db626 and u-db627 are failing with “INBOUNDA: Insufficient space for Lookup Table”. These are suites I made from u-cx624 and u-cx625, which ran OK without any problem, and added some scientific changes.

What can be the cause of the problem and how can I fix it?


Because I didn’t see any response here, I asked around with little hope. But actually I got a solution!

There may be two ways to avoid this.

  1. Change rg01_rs01_m01_lbc_freq from 3600 to 7200. Do the same for dm_cb_freq. This is in case CRUN_LEN = 6. For other cases check Help.
    No building is required. Just do rose suite-run --reload

  2. Reduce number of nodes (rg01_rs01_m01_nproc) a little bit. Building a new executable may be required.

I tried #1 and it worked.