Initialising model using soil moistures from another model


Just looking for a quick pointer on how to go about this.

I’m running some simulations we want to initialize with spun-up soil moistures from the CP4-africa sims as using ERA5 data to drive the model. I thought I could do this in reconfiguration by transplanting the data, but kept getting non-informative memory errors even with extra diagnostics printed, so I’m wondering if this is not the way to do this? My other thought would be to use ANTs to generate new soil ancillaries incorporating the CP4 data? Just wanted to check if anyone had any pointers on which method to use!


Hi Helen

Creating soil (and other) ancillary files is frequently the approach used to input data to the model - sounds like the way to go here too given the errors you are encountering.


Cheers Grenville. I’ll give that a go then and not waste further time with the transplanting. I’ll edit my post in the future if I get the transplanting to work for the other simulations as it might be helpful for others ( in that case will be from two identical model configurations so I would guess it would be easier to get to work)