Provenance of global WFDEI 0.5deg Brooks & Corey soil ancillaries for JULES

Hi Patrick, Omar,

The suites I used [for my JULES simulations] are based on one of Omar’s that he shared with me. I want to mention the soil ancillaries in the paper, but I’m unsure which ones I’m actually using. I use this file:


I traced the suite Omar had pointed me to back to u-as052 , for which there’s a description online that says the * file was created using " Brooks & Corey parameters, Rawls & Brakensiek PTF, produced in Juelich ". However, the attributes of the ancillary file itself say that it was produced by CAP, which makes me think this is based on the Cosby PTF since that is the default option.

Can you help me with this? Do you know which version of the soil properties I have used? Many thanks for your advice!



Hi Markus
I developed the u-as052 suite, and I wrote that online description. The online description is accurate. The ncinfo attributes of the * were cloned from the original template *, without properly updating the ncinfo attributes. If you use ncview, for example, to view the bulk density for both these files, you’ll see that they are quite different.

Hi again, Markus
I just updated item 11 in those documents to have more information, and to be more clear, hopefully.

That suite uses the * file. Not the * file like you said you are using. Maybe Omar or someone else updated the suite you are using from NEW2 to NEW2b.


Hi Patrick,

Many thanks for your help!

The suite description mentions BCJ, so I assume it was a test run for that soil ancillary. I just didn’t know what that meant back then.


Hi Markus:
I just updated the global attributes metadata for both the * and * files, to reflect more about what I currently know about these files.

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