Installing glm startdata repeatedly fails


The task install_glm_startdata regularly (I estimate 50% of the time) fails on most simulations I run. If the task succeeds, it typically takes ~10 minutes. If the task takes longer than this, then it will stall and eventually time out. This considerably prolongs the time taken to complete jobs. I think the task is just a “moo get” command to pull the start dump from MASS. Have you come across this problem before? I am using Monsoon.

Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy

This is a question for the Monsoon team - I have forwarded you query. Could you not download the file once and subsequently read from disk (as a work around.)


Hi Andy, did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the exact same issue.

I’ve already queried this with the Monsoon team and have tried extending the wall-time limit to 3 hours, but it gets the majority of the way there and then runs out of time.

I was told 3 hours is the maximum for this step. I’ve also wondered about manually retrieving the data but I haven’t had much guidance on that.

What did you do in the end?


(ETA: I’ve also tried halving the number of ensemble members because sometimes a deterministic will get through within a matter of minutes, but this hasn’t worked.)