Glm transfer error

Hi, I am running the nesting suite on monsoon and getting an error during the preparation/transfer of global model files:

moose:/opfc/atm/global/rerun/202204.file/20220417T1200Z_glm_t+0: unable to prepare file for transfer.

  • task #0: transfer failed (ERROR_PREPARATION).
    get: failed (3)

The error isn’t very specific, and I’ve confirmed before that I have access to mass storage.


Hi Russell

I have forwarded your query to the Monsoon team.


Monsoon has replied:

Since Friday morning, MASS has been experiencing an issue in the backend which we couldn’t fix yet. Initial sign would be retrieval commands failing with ERROR_PREPARATION. At that point it was only affecting retrievals of older data (that was only available from tape).
At the moment the only suggestions we have are to either try again or to wait a while before trying again.
The MOOSE team is aware of this issue.


Good to know thanks for this. Will try again soon.