Issues with LSH ancil in glm

Hi CMS. I’ve been trying to get the nesting suite to run with the um nested inside the glm but am repeatedly encountering errors related to the topographic index ancillary.

I’ve had the same error in all the suites I’ve tried to use the glm with, but the one I’m currently working on is u-cq635.

The error is this one:

? Error from routine: RCF_RESET_DATA_SOURCE
? Error message: Section 0 Item 274 : Required field is not in input dump!

which crops up even though I have an entry in the reconfiguration and ancillary control for item 274 (and 275). I have tried deleting and re-adding them all, including from the optional configs (e.g. glm_um/opt/rose-ap-ga6p1_gl8p1.conf) but the error doesn’t seem to change.

Can you help? I’m not sure what else to try and I really need to check whether this method works !

Best wishes,