Job_submission.log permission denied

I’m trying to run an oldish vn8.4 job of UM on UMUI from pumanew to ARCHER2. When I try to submit a job (currently tfkqy), I get an error;

ERROR: couldn t open “/home/umui/umui/job_submission.log”: permission denied

This file has permission status like this;

-rw-rw-r-- 1 umui users 3986097 Dec 5 11:05 /home/umui/umui/job_submission.log

Does this happen due to the group I belong to, which has not been updated for a long time?

$ groups

Or is this caused by something else? Please can anyone help? I think I should belong to the group ‘users’.


Hi Masaru,

I’ve changed the permissions on the log file for now. I’ll ask Andy to sort out your unix groups when he returns to the office.


Thank you, Ros.

I’m getting a different error, which means this particular one has been solved.


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