Missing CRU-NCEP-v7-n96e file for 1913 in the JASMIN jules GWS

Hi AndyW and CarolinaDR (cc: DaveC):
(copied from an email I sent)

There is a missing file in the GL7 driving data on JASMIN for suite u-bb316:


AndyW is the owner/creator of this directory.

Can you transfer this file from somewhere?


Hi Andy and Carolina:

In the meantime, I will try to run the suite starting in 1914 instead of 1860.

It probably won’t give the right results, but I can see if the suite works with the other changes I made.


Hi Andy and Carolina:

Did you have a chance to look into this missing data yet?
Or is there someone else I should contact about this?

I think there is a 1940 data file missing, in addition to the 1913 data file.


Hi Patrick,
File should have been updated. Let me know any issues.

Dr Andy Wiltshire

Hi again, Andy & Carolina:

Can you look into that missing 1940 data file sometime?


Okay, done that one as well. It would be good to know if there are others.

Dr Andy Wiltshire

Thanks, Andy!

I will keep an eye out for for other missing files. I don’t know why they are missing. Maybe we need to get rid of group-write access for these files, if that is the current access.


Hi Andy & Carolina:
I tried the run again of the u-bx723 suite which is derived from the u-bb316 GL7 suite, now starting from 1860 instead of 1914. It had previously failed in 1940.
It now gets to 1948 before failing due to missing data. This file is missing:

I guess there might be other files missing too.
Maybe it would be easier to just replace all the data all at once? Do you have an original copy of the data?


Hi AndyW & Carolina:
Do you know where I can get an original copy of the driving data?
Then I could do this myself.

I looked on Monsoon in the path /data/d05/hadaw/HadGEM3-GA6/Ancils/GA7_Ancil/
but that appears to be a restricted Met Office path.

I found two more missing files, that makes at least 5 in total, and you’ve already replaced 2 of them. These are the two other missing files (there are likely more):



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Someone noticed the ticket I had about this on the NCAS CMS Helpdesk, and they sent me a directory with another copy of the data.:

I just compared that directory to the official one I have been using.

I used this set of 3 commands to compare them:

dir1= set this to the other copy
for f1 in ${dir1}/*; do f2=“${dir2}/${f1#${dir1}/}”; [ ! -e “$f2” ] && printf ‘%s\n’ “$f2”; done

This is the result:

I tried to copy those files to the official database, but the folder belongs to AndyW, so I don’t have permission to update the files.