Moo mkset issue


I have a suite running global UM-UKCA on monsoon2. I want to run several instances of the suite each with a slightly different configuration. To save time I had planned to copy the suite on ~/roses (e.g., cp u-cx421 u-cx421_config1) for each config then run these local suites simultaneously.

This seemed fine but in the postproc task when it first archives the output it fails when trying to make the moose directory via

Command: moo mkset -v -p project-mphase --single-copy moose:crum/u-cx421_iso_1

with error: moose:/crum/u-cx421_iso_1: (TSSC_INVALID_SET) invalid path to a data set.

I then tried copying the suite and leaving it with its standard suite-ID and had no problems. So, i presume mass/moose doesn’t like directories being made with non standard suite-IDs? Is there any way around this?


Hi Ross,

Yes MASS is very particular about the naming convention. As far as I am aware you will not be able to archive to MASS with non standard suite-IDS.


Well I can definitely see the sense in that! Thanks Ros.