Not able to produce proper orog ancillaries using RAS

Hello CMS

I have been using the RAS (u-cq149) to produce orographic ancillaries based on ANTS to get the SRTM 100m DEM into qrparm.orog for my nested suite runs. I can see that the resolved field which gets created in the orog_srtm directory is picking up finer details now as opposed to the earlier default DEM in the UM. I then combine this new SRTM field along with other fields in qrparm.orog (not changing the other fields like gradients in x and y) to get the final qrparm.orog with SRTM altitudes. However, my nested suite run fails with the following error:

???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!! ERROR ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!
? Error code: 1001
? Error message:
? ERRORS: 2 ancil files have failed ancil checking and resulted in this abort:
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrparm.orog
? WARNINGS: 7 ancil files have failed ancil checking. These files did not cause an abort
? due to the setting of l_ignore_ancil_grid_check=.true. in the items namelist:
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrclim.sslt
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrclim.blck
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrclim.dust
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrclim.ocff
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrclim.sulp
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrclim.biom
? – /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrclim.biog
? Any fields causing an error will have produced an ereport
? warning earlier in the run, please search the log files for
? each ancil filename for more details on each failure.
? Error from processor: 0
? Error number: 24

and warnings likes these:

? Warning code: -15000
? Warning from routine: ANCIL_CHECK_HORIZONTAL_GRID
? Warning message: Mismatch between model and ancil field y grid spacing
? Expected y grid spacing : 0.0135000000
? Ancil y grid spacing : 0.0134997368
? Ancil file : /work/n02/n02/aurocumulus/cylc-run/u-dc704/share/data/ancils/Alps/km1p5/qrparm.orog
? Lookup num : 10
? Stashcode : 7
? Warning from processor: 0
? Warning number: 23

How should I get past recon? Please advice.


I suggest that you set l_ignore_ancil_grid_check=.true. for the regional model orography – that will be set in one of the many optional override files for the um app (I didn’t check which :slightly_smiling_face:).


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Thanks Grenville. That worked! The um_fcst run (inner high-res domain) has been submitted now. I will update as it progresses.
Many thanks again

P.S. The run was successful! Thanks.

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