Output diagnostics at Pressure Level

Dear CMS,

I am trying to output some diagnostics at the Pressure level (Suite u-cs918). To do that I have added diagnostics (e.g section 34 item 41, 42 etc.) and used the predefined pressure level domain profile – DP36CCM (already available in the domain profile and used for outputting diagnostics for section 51).

I am getting the following error:

? Error code: 13
? Error from routine: STWORK
? Error message: STLEVELS : Output model level ****** not in input model level range
? Error from processor: 572
? Error number: 98

The job.err file is available in directory: /home/akpandeyjnu/cylc-run/u-cs918/log/job/20091201T0000Z/atmos_main/01/

Can you please point me to what else I have to modify to output diagnostics at the pressure level?

Regards, Alok

Hi Alok,

Recall from the UKCA training, there are separate but equivalent sections for UKCA diagnostics on pressure levels.

UKCA pressure levels for section 34 are in section 51. Pressure level equivalents (where available) for section 50 are in section 52. There is a 1:1 item number mapping, i.e. model level ozone s34i001 is s51i001 etc.

See UKCA STASH Sections on the UKCA UMvn13.0 tutorial pages

You can’t output section 34 fields on pressure levels - these must be on theta levels (i.e. something like DALLTH). For pressure levels for fields in s34 you can only use s51.

Many thanks and best wishes,

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