Pptransfer error - Checksum generation failed

Dear CMS,

I am getting an error in ‘pptransfer’. The error is saying - ‘Checksum generation failed’.

I am getting the following error:

Lmod is automatically replacing “cce/15.0.0” with “gcc/11.2.0”.

Due to MODULEPATH changes, the following have been reloaded:

  1. cray-hdf5/ 2) cray-mpich/8.1.23 3) cray-netcdf/

Currently Loaded Modules:

  1. craype-x86-rome 12) load-epcc-module
  2. libfabric/ 13) gcc/11.2.0
  3. craype-network-ofi 14) cray-python/
  4. perftools-base/22.12.0 15) netcdf4/1.6.4
  5. xpmem/2.5.2-2.4_3.30__gd0f7936.shasta 16) cray-hdf5/
  6. craype/2.7.19 17) cray-netcdf/
  7. cray-dsmml/0.2.2 18) nco/5.1.6
  8. cray-libsci/ 19) gct/v6.2.20220524
  9. PrgEnv-cray/8.3.3 20) postproc/2023.06
  10. bolt/0.8 21) cray-mpich/8.1.23
  11. epcc-setup-env

[WARN] file:atmospp.nl: skip missing optional source: namelist:moose_arch
[WARN] file:atmospp.nl: skip missing optional source: namelist:script_arch
[WARN] [SUBPROCESS]: Command: md5sum cy773a.pd2010apr.pp cy773a.pm2010jan.pp cy773a.pd2010jan.pp cy773a.pd2010feb.pp cy773a.pm2010apr.pp cy773a.pd2009dec.pp cy773a.pm2010feb.pp cy773a.pm2009dec.pp cy773a.pm2010may.pp cy773a.ps2010djf.pp cy773a.pd2010may.pp cy773a.pd2010mar.pp cy773a.pm2010mar.pp cy773a.da20100601_00
[SUBPROCESS]: Error = 1:
631564e17b23e0cf381d1ca30ae54598 cy773a.pd2010apr.pp
0ae85d8d613b9e7e14470fec7739d1a5 cy773a.pm2010jan.pp
a30225989671b4cd855f3994777344aa cy773a.pd2010jan.pp
3902ef0f36df5e1b0305b7da7700d2e8 cy773a.pd2010feb.pp
bdd82b4db846309ccd5a3876c0e17308 cy773a.pm2010apr.pp
26e8d24338d0dd155369b7082bd4aed3 cy773a.pd2009dec.pp
500ecd2cdb3db8f959ee4298851a4c09 cy773a.pm2010feb.pp
26700f5d403fd15e706ebeb4933ba9a0 cy773a.pm2009dec.pp
7626d73f7323f0f1d5c815fe9df959db cy773a.pm2010may.pp
f0c22ea1c25306b45f9a1ecf96435cd3 cy773a.ps2010djf.pp
3b3137613db8acfbc7b4ff252418a28c cy773a.pd2010may.pp
79248199680fae91a8c06bd87f094cab cy773a.pd2010mar.pp
md5sum: cy773a.pm2010mar.pp: Input/output error
88d63d247bd27ce17deaf098fa232186 cy773a.da20100601_00

[WARN] Failed to generate checksums.
[ERROR] Checksum generation failed.
[FAIL] Command Terminated
[FAIL] Terminating PostProc…
[FAIL] transfer.py <<‘STDIN__’
[FAIL] ‘STDIN__’ # return-code=1
2023-08-14T13:58:43Z CRITICAL - failed/EXIT

How can I fix this error?

Regards, Alok

Hi Alok,

Have you tried running it more than once? It’s likely this is just a filesystem issue indicated by the "Input/Output error and will be fine on the next try or more. We’re seeing this intermittently at the moment.


Please also turn off verify_checksums in postproc → postprocessing - common settings → JASMIN transfer. This option does not work with gridftp transfers in the version of postproc that you are using.