Problems with pptransfer

I am running several model simulation (e.g. u-dd185) using gridftp to transfer data to jasmin and have run into an error with the pptransfer which stopped working last week.
I’ve checked the credential file cred.jasmin on ARCHER2 and this is still in date.
The first error is below:

[WARN] [SUBPROCESS]: Command: globus-url-copy -vb -cd -r -cc 4 -verify-checksum -sync -sync-level 2 -cred /work/n02/n02/schn02/cred.jasmin /work/n02/n02/schn02/archive/u-de171/18070101T0000Z/ gsi
[SUBPROCESS]: Error = 1:

error: Unable to check destination url for sync: gsi
globus_ftp_client: the server responded with an error
530 530-globus_xio: Server side credential failure
530-globus_gsi_gssapi: Error with GSI credential
530-globus_gsi_gssapi: Error with gss credential handle
530-globus_credential: Error with credential: The host credential: /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem
530- with subject: /C=UK/O=eScience/OU=CLRC/L=RAL/
530- has expired 12 minutes ago.
530 End.

Any ideas what the problem can be? Has anything changed that I need to update.


It’s a problem with a credential on JASMIN - they’re working on it.