Pptransfer from ARCEHR2 to JASMIN

Just a quick query, I’m running a suite with the pptransfer from ARCHER2 to JASMIN setup.
I’ve realised that the data is building up in both the archive folder in ARCHER2 and on JASMIN (where I want it to be).
Am I correct in thinking that if the transfer task runs without error I can assume that all the data has been successfully transferred from the archive directory to JASMIN and that I should remove all the data on ARCHER2?

Does your suite checksum the transferred data?

Hi Grenville,
Yes looking at the job.out files it does appear so.

e.g. /home/aschurer/cylc-run/u-ck651/log/job/18721001T0000Z/pptransfer/NN/job.out

[ OK ] Checksum verification succeeded.
[ OK ] Transfer OK: Checksums verified
[ OK ] Transfer: Transfer OK. (ReturnCode=0)
2022-03-29T18:48:10Z INFO - succeeded

I’ve not checked them all - but can I assume the job would have stopped if the checksum had failed?



Yes, there would be failed tasks the checkum hadn’t worked - you should be OK to delete successfully transferred data from ARHER2.


Great, thanks for your swift reply.