Problems with fcm:kpp on PUMA2


@cdaleu and I are working on upgrading u-cf309 from UM vn11.4 → 12.1, post-ARCHER2 OS upgrade, and from PUMA to PUMA2. The suite u-da133 runs OK on PUMA, but Chimene gets the following error during fcm_make_kpp in her copy u-da315:

which looks like the KPP repository isn’t properly defined/linked on PUMA2. Can you help?

I’ve now migrated to PUMA2, and can confirm I get the same fcm:kpp error

Hi Dan,

The KPP repository hasn’t been copied over to PUMA2 yet. I will try and do it in the next couple of days.


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That’s great, thank you!

Hi @daniel.shipley, @cdaleu

Can you try again now please?


Hi Ross
It seems to work now. Thanks for your help.

Please could you help with the concern I raised yesterday? my suite u-da315 under n02-REVCON fails to submit with error message invalid account, whereas the suite u-da263 runs ok under n02-REVCON. I have enough budget in REVCON

Hi Cimene

Added you to n02-TERRAMARIS


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