A 'fcm_make_pp' issue

I am trying to start a job (cz006, UM vn10.7, NEMO vn3.6) and get the following ‘fcm_make_pp’ issue,

Can’t stat /home/n02/n02/annette/nemo/TOOLS: No such file or directory
at /home/fcm/fcm-2019.09.0/bin/…/lib/FCM/Util/Locator/FS.pm line 91.

The file has been moved, but can you tell us where it is?

Best wishes,


Hi Kenji,

The postproc branch has been recently updated to work from the new PUMA2 server which is replacing pumanew. You should have received emails regarding the transition to PUMA2.

You can still access the old version of the postproc code by appending the revision number @3910 to the branch in fcm_make_pp → Configuration → config_base.

Please move to PUMA2, as soon as you are able. Instructions for transitioning are available on our website: Transition to PUMA2


Hi Ros,

Thank you for the response. I move to PUMA2 soon.