request for HadCM3 code, academic use purposes

I was redirected by Bjoern Hendrik Fock, UM Partnership, to you, re: the following request:

I would like to work with HadCM3, for the development of simulations of the past 2000 years based on single and cumulative forcing scenarios, themselves for the purpose of paleoclimatic climate change detection and attribution studies. This project would be developed with UK collaborators: Gabi Hegerl and Andrew Schurer (Edinburgh), Paul Valdes (Bristol). I would seek to make resulting simulations publicly available. Is it possible to obtain the HadCM3 model code for these purposes, initially to make practical tests on computing infrastructure? If so, what is the procedure for obtaining permission?

Thank you and Sincerely,
Mike Evans

Hi Mike

We ask only that you create a PUMA account ( I assume that Andrew, Paul, and Gabi will support you in setting up and running the model - and accessing the code itself.



Thank you for your response. I have registered with PUMA and accepted the terms. I am interested in HadCM3 and iHadCM3, which I think you no longer support on your computing systems, and I am also interested initially in seeing if I can effectively perform some of the experiments I’d like to do on my own local computing. So I will ask Andrew if he can share that particular code base and perhaps help me get started.

Thanks again,
Mike Evans