Seasonal mean failure


I’m trying to run a nudged UM13.3 suite, u-cz968, but keep getting postproc errors kicking in after the 5th month (when running 1 month resubmissions) or the 6 months (when running 3 months resubmissions).

The error seems to relate to the seasonal mean. Changing between 1month and 3 month resubmissions makes no differences.

[ERROR] Seasonal mean for Spring 2011 not possible as only got 2 file(s):
/home/d04/jamwe/cylc-run/u-cz968/share/data/History_Data/cz968a.pm2011apr, /home/d04/jamwe/cylc-run/u-cz968/share/data/History_Data/cz968a.pm2011may

I looked at similar errors raised previously on here but couldn’t understand how to implement the solutions.

Could you take a look at the suite and see if there is something I need to change in the setup?

Thanks for your help,