Specify account and project to run on MONSOON2

Dear help desk,

I am trying to run my suites (e.g., u-ch897) using the “wishbone” project budget by setting the ‘use default account’ as false, Account as climate, sub-project name as Other, and Other ‘sub-project’ name as wishbone (screenshot attached below).

However, it did not work, and my Rose/Cylc suite still writes to my default project (ukca-ed).
I found this page about adding the following to rose-suite.conf file.


However, I want to double-check that this assures that I am using the node hours from the project specified, but not the default one. If not, then how?

The other problem is that this sutie cannot proceed with postproc_nemo with the following errors (see here: /home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ch897/log/job/18500101T0000Z/postproc_nemo/01/job.err).

[SUBPROCESS]: Error = 1:
        Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/d04/alzha/cylc-run/u-ch897/share/fcm_make_pp/build/bin/icb_pp.py", line 82, in <module>
    icu = np.concatenate(icu)
ValueError: need at least one array to concatenate

Please can you help me to resolve these issues.

Many thanks,

Hi Alcide,

In a lot of suites you can’t specify the Monsoon project code via the GUI, since the Account variable is a list of radio buttons containing Met Office specific account codes. Once you have selected use default account=false you need to edit the rose-suite.conf file directly to change ACCOUNT_USR=wishbone. Don’t forget to close the GUI before doing this.


changes where the output from the suite is written to, so you will need this too.

To fix the postproc_nemo error set the following in fcm_make_pp → Configuration

config_base: fcm:moci.xm-br/dev/davestorkey/postproc_2.2_iceberg_update
config_rev: @2477
pp_rev: 2477


P.S. I have deleted the second helpdesk account you created yesterday; username Alcide_Zhao.

Thanks, Ross,
all issues are resolved now!
Cheers, Alcide